Environmental and Social impact of business has quickly, and rightly, received a renewed focus within many sectors- including the event industry in recent time. The event industry however is inherently a high waste sector.

Fortunately, at EventFull our impact on the environment and our local community is already a core and central part of our ethos and we are continually working to improve.

We not only utilise modular, re-usable systems- we are conscious about our delivery options, minimising all unnecessary wastage, our choice of materials and the direct impact our team can make in our effort to reduce carbon output.

We also re-utilise and donate materials & services to our community, including charitable works to local charity efforts and organisations - allowing us to re-use where we cannot reduce.

In addition to all of this, we have defined our 5 year-commitments to further improve in our goal towards carbon neutrality.

Please feel free to ask us about how we can help to reduce the carbon impact of your event or event stand.